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Compilation of Constitutional and Legislative Provisions on Treaty Practice of Selected States and International Organisations

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This is a compilation of the most important constitutional, legislative and other official provisions relevant to treaty practice of a selection of States and international organisations. It has been compiled jointly by BIICL and the Centre for International Law Singapore (CIL).

For States, it includes provisions relating to all aspects of national treaty practice including negotiation, signature, parliamentary scrutiny, consent to be bound, implementation and status of treaties in domestic law. The provisions are arranged in (broadly) the following order:

• Constitutional provisions

• Statutory provisions

• Regulations, Orders or other kinds of secondary legislation

• Other documentation which sets out official requirements, conventions or procedures, including internal practice manuals whether published or unpublished.

• Official online sources of treaty status information

For each international organisation, it includes provisions concerning its powers and responsibilities in relation to treaties, including depositary functions, registration, publication, negotiation, signature, scrutiny, consent to be bound, implementation and compliance. They are arranged in (broadly) the following order:

• provisions in the Organisation's constitution or governing statutes

• provisions in any other statutes, rules, regulations, decisions, resolutions, etc. of the Organisation

• Any other organisational guidance or procedures, including internal practice manuals whether published or unpublished.

• Online sources of the organisation's treaty status information

This Compilation was produced by BIICL and CIL as a handbook of reference material for the Workshop on Treaty Law and Practice held in Singapore on 16-19 January 2012, and has subsequently been updated and adapted for publication as an online resource.

Copyright in the referenced texts is vested as indicated on the original source. Copyright in the selection itself and in the added material belongs to BIICL and CIL.

Table of contents

A: ASEAN States and ASEAN

Brunei Darussalam










Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

B: Other selected States and international organisations





Korea (Republic of)


New Zealand

United Kingdom

Council of Europe

United Nations

Feedback request: This compilation may be updated from time to time. If you notice any errors, omissions or broken links or if you have any suggestions regarding the further development of this resource, please contact: Jill Barrett or Ranyta Yusran.

The same compilation is also available on the CIL website.

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