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The Bingham Appeal

These are challenging times for the Rule of Law. It is under threat not only in countries witnessing the rise of authoritarian populism and illiberal democracy, but in the mature democracies which have prided themselves on their regard for the Rule of Law and the strength of their Rule of Law institutions. 

The Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law was established in 2010 with a mission to advance the rule of law globally. In a short time, the Centre has developed an international reputation for delivering research, publications, training and events which have a practical impact on rule of law policy and decision-making.

The Bingham Appeal was launched in 2009 to establish the Bingham Centre. The Appeal continues to raise vital core funding for the Centre, enabling it to proactively address long-term challenges to the rule of law globally, as well as responding to emerging issues as they arise. Core funding also means we are able to recruit and retain a team of experienced staff, and promote our work to an international audience.

We are committed to ensuring that donors who are able to make a substantial contribution to the Bingham Appeal are given opportunities to engage in our work, for example through events, training and networking. We are also keen to provide donor law firms and in-house lawyers with opportunities for pro bono involvement in our research and capacity building.


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We would be delighted to discuss your interest in supporting our work and to develop a customised proposition for you. Please contact:

Diane Denny 

Development Director

Florence Skinner 

Deputy Development Director

Victoria Wyndham 

Deputy Development Director - Programmes

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