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What is BIICL?

The British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) combines a world-class, global applied research institute mind-set with a charitable ethos to serve and advance the disciplines of international law, comparative law, and the rule of law.

Our research has real-world impact, influencing governments and international organisations, legislators, policy makers, businesses and others; it is augmented by our discussion sessions, training programmes, conferences, specialist forums, and our prestigious academic journal, the International and Comparative Law Quarterly.

We embrace a multi-disciplinary approach with international and comparative perspectives. We have a convening role and respond to critical, emerging legal issues.

Our Vision, Mission, Principles and Values

Our vision is for a just, peaceful, and safe world where the rule of law is upheld and human rights respected, underpinned by resilient legal systems that respond to social, economic, technological, and environmental change.

Our mission is to contribute towards informed, independent thinking in law and decision making for a global community and to uphold the rule of law at the international and national level.

Our core principles are human rights, the rule of law, tolerance, and fairness. We strive to be a diverse and inclusive organisation.

Our three core values inform how we work, both internally and externally:

  • Integrity: We conduct and share independent, applied research with academic rigour and professionalism. We aim to be a responsible, fair, and transparent organisation.
  • Collaboration: We bring together different disciplines and networks to create positive change. We engage with our stakeholders effectively and respectfully. We aim to be inclusive, approachable, and supportive, and nurture the potential of our team and networks.
  • Leadership: We aim to be influential and use our expertise to help the organisation deliver its mission.

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How We Are Funded

The Institute receives no general core funding from any government or private source. It is both a limited company (No. 615025, and a registered charity (charity No. 209425).

Research projects and events are funded by a wide variety of bodies including research councils, trusts and foundations, law firms, barrister's chambers, national governments, the European Commission and Parliament, and non-governmental organisations.

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