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BIICL 60+ Appeal: Global Challenges, New perspectives

The need for BIICL's independent and impartial research, analysis and capacity building activities is greater than ever. We have ambitious plans to build on our successful track record of spreading knowledge and stimulating change through our research and related activities.

The BIICL 60+ Appeal is aiming to raise £3 million over five years to support the expansion of BIICL's work and impact.

We aim to develop our work on a wide range of legal issues including those relating to international trade, climate change and technology.

Supporting the development of international and comparative law in the UK and around the world, and promoting the rule of law in national and international affairs will remain fundamental to our mission.

Read more about our new programmes of research, training and events here.

Our London headquarters

To enable us to enhance our outreach and dissemination activities, and enable us to continue to grow our team in London, we are also radically reconfiguring the layout of our London offices. This will allow us to provide the additional office accommodation in London we need for our growing team of researchers and, very importantly, incorporate a large, attractive space for public events.

Read more about our headquarters and refurbishment plans here.

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We would be delighted to discuss your interest in supporting our work and to develop a customised proposition for you.

Please contact: Diane Denny, Development Director

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BIICL's fundraising is governed by our Guidelines for Ethical Funding. Information on BIICL's Donor Privacy Policy is available here.