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Fellowships at BIICL

Honorary Fellowships

BIICL appoints a select number of Honorary Fellows on the basis of their outstanding and ongoing contributions to its work.
Honorary Fellows are invited by the Director and appointed by the Board of Trustees.

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Visiting Fellowships

The British Institute of International and Comparative Law welcomes applications from international legal academics and scholars to conduct their own research whilst based in London. The objectives of the Visiting Research Fellowship are to provide scholars with an opportunity to have a base in London to carry out independent research work - which should be closely linked with that of the Institute, its research fellows and its ongoing research programme whilst benefiting from working with the Institute's permanent research staff

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Honorary International Law Practice Fellowships

BIICL appoints Honorary International Law Practice Fellows to create opportunities for debate and collaboration among future leaders in international law, and to ensure  the Institute's programme of research, events and professional training continues to address the most pressing and topical issues concerning the international law community.

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British Academy Fellowships

BIICL is delighted to welcome Ukrainian academics fleeing the war in Ukraine, through the Researchers at Risk Fellowship Programme. The programme was launched by the British Academy with support from the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Royal Society and CARA - the Council for At-Risk Academics. BIICL will provide an enabling and supportive academic environment to further the researchers work in areas such as international humanitarian law, war crimes and human rights amongst others. Their work will complement our existing Ukraine International Law response initiative, set up with the aim of bringing together scholars working on international legal matters to respond to the multiple international law challenges posed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Funded Fellowships

Funded fellowships providing support for BIICL research programmes include


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