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How to donate

Support the BIICL 60+ Appeal

By supporting the BIICL 60+ Appeal you will help BIICL address some of the most pressing global challenges, thus making a positive and lasting difference to our world. The 60+ Appeal is aiming to raise £3 million over 5 years, enabling us to consolidate and expand our activities, and develop our expertise across a range of international and comparative law topics, including international trade, climate change and technology.

Support the Bingham Appeal

The Bingham Appeal is raising funding to support the Bingham Centre in its mission to advance the Rule of Law worldwide. Your vital contribution will support the Centre to respond to the growing demand for its work, proactively address long-term challenges facing the Rule of Law and inform public debate on topical Rule of Law issues.

Add Gift Aid to your donation

UK taxpayers can increase the value of their donation by 25% by signing the Gift Aid declaration when making a donation. This allows BIICL to reclaim the basic rate of tax on a gift.

Remember BIICL in your will

By leaving a legacy to BIICL, you will help us to address the global legal issues of tomorrow and ensure we are able to continue our mission for years to come.

Tax-efficient giving

Legacy gifts can help reduce your inheritance tax liability either by lowering the value of your estate before inheritance tax liability is calculated, or by reducing the rate of inheritance tax if you give at least 10% of your estate to charity. Government guidance on tax relief is available here. If you are a US taxpayer, testamentary requests to BIICL's affiliate charity, the International Rule of Law Project (IROLP) which has 501(c) 3 status, are tax-deductible for estate tax purposes.

Share your plans
You are under no obligation to notify BIICL of your plans to leave a legacy, but doing so will enable us to keep you informed about our activities and invite you to special events. If you would like to inform us about your plans, please complete a legacy notification form.

Donate from abroad

Supporters in the US can donate to BIICL's affiliate charity, The International Rule of Law Project Inc (IROLP) which has 501(c)3 status in the US. More information on IROLP is available here.

Donors resident in Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland and Netherlands can donate to BIICL through Transnational Giving Europe by emailing

Arrange regular giving

If you would like to arrange regular giving please contact the Development team using the contact details below.

Contact the Development team

We would be delighted to discuss your interest in supporting our work and to develop a customised proposition for you. Please contact: 

Diane Denny 

Development Director

Florence Skinner 

Deputy Development Director

Victoria Wyndham 

Deputy Development Director - Programmes

BIICL's fundraising is governed by our Guidelines for Ethical Funding. Information on BIICL's Donor Privacy Policy.

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