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Marcos Zunino

Biography Dr Marcos Zunino is Research Fellow in Judicial Independence and Constitutional Transitions. His current work at BIICL looks into the judiciary in the context of transitional justice and constitutional change. His areas of research include transitional justice, human rights, constitutional law, international criminal law and public international law. He is the author of Justice Framed: A Genealogy of Transitional Justice as well as of a number of journal articles and book chapters.…

Rule of Law

Anthony Wenton

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Rule of Law

Jan van Zyl Smit

Biography Dr Jan van Zyl Smit joined the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law as a Research Fellow in 2013. Much of his work at the Centre has focused on the use of legal frameworks to foster and protect the independence of the judiciary. He is the author of The Appointment, Tenure and Removal of Judges under Commonwealth Principles: A Compendium and Analysis of Best Practice  and was involved in the development of the Cape Town Principles on the Role of Independent Commissions in the Selection…

Rule of Law

Mat Tromme

Biography Mat Tromme joined the Bingham Centre in April 2015 to lead the Centre's Sustainable Development and the Rule of Law Programme. His areas of expertise and work covers asset recovery & return, grand corruption, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As such, Mat regularly blogs about asset recovery and corruption. He is based in Brussels, where he is responsibe for raising the Bingham Centre's profile and engaging with various relevant stakeholders. In that capacity,…

Rule of Law

Ulysses Smith

Biography Ulysses is Director of the Business and the Rule of Law programme and a Senior Research Fellow at the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law. He is a New York based lawyer and currently runs Telos Governance Advisers, which advises businesses, governments and not-for-profits on issues of governance, Rule of Law, development and human rights compliance.  He was previously a senior associate in the New York office of UK-based law firm Linklaters LLP, where he practised as an attorney…

Rule of Law

Jack Simson Caird

Biography Dr Jack Simson Caird is Senior Research Fellow in Parliaments and the Rule of Law at the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law. He joined the Bingham Centre in July 2018. Prior to joining the Bingham Centre, Jack was the constitutional law specialist in the House of Commons Library, where he led the Library's work on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill. Jack was a lecturer in Public Law at the University of Sussex from 2014 to 2015. His academic work has focused on the UK Parliament's…


Ellis Paterson

Biography Ellis Paterson joined the Bingham Centre as a Research Assistant in the Rule of Law in October 2018. She is currently working towards her LL.M. in Public Law at the London School of Economics. Upon graduating from the University of Glasgow with a Bachelor of Laws in 2015, she moved to Tokyo, where she taught English for two years. She returned to the UK to pursue her academic and research studies and has since been involved with various voluntary organisations committed to access…

Rule of Law

Michael Olatokun

Biography Michael is a researcher and project manager focused on exploring the connection between rights, citizenship and education. He leads the Centre's strategic area of focus on Citizenship and the Rule of Law. He is the Coordinator of 'The Rule of Law for Citizenship Education', a nationwide programme in which young people are taught about the rule of law and human rights. As a result of the success of this work, Michael was asked to join the Solicitor General's Public Legal Education…

Rule of Law

Lucy Moxham

Biography Lucy Moxham joined the Bingham Centre in January 2012 as a Research Fellow in the Rule of Law. She holds a MA Law Degree (first class honours) from the University of Cambridge and a BCL Master's Degree from the University of Oxford, where she focused on human rights law and international development. Lucy completed the Legal Practice Course at Nottingham Law School and a two-year training contract at Clifford Chance LLP, including time on secondment to the human rights organisation…

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Murray Hunt

Biography Murray Hunt is the Director of the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law. He has a lifelong interest in the ways and means by which the values a society considers fundamental attain and keep a special normative status, how that special status can be reconciled with a commitment to representative democracy, and how to get practitioners and theorists to talk to each other about these questions so that practice is informed by theory, and theory informed by practice. From 2004 to 2017,…

Rule of Law

Julinda Beqiraj

Biography Dr. Julinda Beqiraj is a Senior Research Fellow at the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law. She works on a number of projects, including one on the role of the rule of law in the context of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, and one on barriers and solutions to access to justice across jurisdictions. She is also involved in the organization of Bingham Centre events on these issues. Julinda also works as an expert consultant for the Council of Europe, Commission on the Efficiency…


42nd FA Mann Lecture: Preserving the Rule of Law in the Age of Trump

EVENTS 42nd FA Mann Lecture: Preserving the rule of law in the age of Trump Event - Tags Share Links Event - Timings and Location Sponsored by Event Details Chair Sir Christopher Greenwood GBE CMG QC Speaker Harold Hongju Koh, Sterling Professor of International Law, Yale Law School Professor Koh will be speaking on the topic…

Rule of Law

Appointment of International Judges and Arbitrators: Legality, Legitimacy and the Rule of Law

EVENTS Appointment of International Judges and Arbitrators: Legality, Legitimacy and the Rule of Law Event - Tags Share Links Event - Timings and Location Co-organised with International Law and Human Rights Unit  Event Details The backgrounds and professional qualifications of judges have become salient and contested issues…


Sixth Annual Bingham Lecture

EVENTS Sixth Annual Bingham Lecture g Event - Tags Share Links Event - Timings and Location     Event Details The Sixth Annual Bingham Lecture: 'Process of Discovery: What Brexit has taught us (so far) about Parliament, Politics and the UK Constitution' Delivered by The Rt Hon John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House of Commons    …

Rule of Law
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