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Brexit Activities

The EU Referendum in Britain

The future of UK membership in the European Union has given rise to intense debate in a number of fora. BIICL and the Bingham Centre have sought to provide a forum for academics and practitioners to debate the potential impact of a Brexit.

Brexit Research Projects

BIICL is working on research projects reflecting the many aspects of Brexit.

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Brexit Frequently Asked Questions

BIICL is putting together user-friendly FAQs about areas touched by Brexit. They are intended to provide an overview of some of the main issues affecting fields such as migration, civil justice and the constitution of the United Kingdom. Check regularly for new additions!

Download and read the FAQs here.

Upcoming Activities

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    • Video of The Article 50 'Brexit' appeal: The Rule of Law After 'Miller' event 6 February 2017

    Past Events


    Justine Stefanelli and Eva Lein

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    Nine Tenths of the Law: Property, dispossession and human rights in South Africa

    Property, dispossession and human rights in South Africa...

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