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Reimagining the Law

                We would like to thank all the contributors who provided the 124 ideas featured on the website during the month of June.


For the next phase of Reimagining the Law we have two goals:

(1) To select 4/5 submissions and turn them into short 'TED Talk' style videos in July and August in which the author explains in further detail the reasons why their reform is necessary and perhaps how it might be put into practice.

(2) To run a series of 3/4 webinars in September on some of the themes which multiple contributors engaged with.

To help us curate the next round of content, we would be extremely grateful if you would let us know if you thought any of the reforms proposed really stood out to you.

• Did any ideas provoke a strong reaction amongst your professional or social network?

• Would you like to hear the author of any posts explain why they chose to reimagine a particular area of the law?

• Is there scope to discuss how changes which were proposed might be put into practice?

Please send your responses to Reimagining the Law 

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