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Reimagining the Law


Reimagining Environmental Law

The world faces unprecedented, existential environmental challenges; during the last fifty years environmental law and policy, both as a discipline and in practice, have taken great forward steps albeit this progress is clearly not enough. Shifting the current trajectory depends on humanity's ability to embrace technology, including artificial intelligence and data sciences, implement existing policies, and invent new legal and regulatory tools.

Following a workshop with Client Earth   and the Alan Turing Institute  on 'Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the Law: Reimagining the New Roots of Environmental Law',  we are now moving to an interdisciplinary 'Reimagining Environmental Law', phase of the Reimagining the Law project. We are inviting legal and scientific experts to look across the horizons of science, policy, law and regulation, and consider what has to be done to improve environmental protection.

Spyros Maniatis and Ivano Alogna

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