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Please click on the below links to view the conferences, seminars and worldwide events set up by external organisers.

The Legal Services Brexit Summit

Date: 12th February 2019

Venue: London

UK legal services, like many other parts of the economy, will be enormously affected by Brexit. The impact will be both direct and indirect - the former through any changes in market access and future cooperation between the UK and the EU in justice matters and the latter through the implications of Brexit for the users of legal services. It is therefore critically important that all stakeholders in UK legal services - law firms, in-house legal teams, central and local government solicitors, and barristers - keep themselves fully informed about current negotiations and what Brexit will mean under the various possible scenarios.

The Legal Services Brexit Summit is jointly organised by the Law Society of England and Wales and City & Financial Global will examine the implications of Brexit for the provision of legal services in different practice areas, as well as its impact on clients and any potential opportunities that may arise.

BIICL is a media partner at this event and BIICL members should contact us for details of the member discount

Further Details and booking

Competition Policy : Need for a Paradigm shift?

Date: 23rd May2019

Venue: London

BIICL will be a media partner at the annual Chatham House Competition Policy conference. The event "Competition Policy: Need for a paradigm shift?" will assess how a range of public interest considerations — such as unemployment, discrimination or protection of small businesses — and rapidly evolving marketplaces, are reshaping thinking on antitrust policy and the regulation of markets to the extent that changes to the scope and nature of the consumer welfare standard are being advocated.

Further details and booking

Training Programme

Justice Sector Reform: Applying Human Rights Based Approaches

Date: 24th June - 28th June 2019

Venue: National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland

The annual International Human Rights Network training programme aims at enhancing the skills of justice sector personnel, consultants, managers etc., in applying Human Rights Based Approaches to Justice Sector Reform. The programme is designed for people working in the justice sector (with state or non-state institutions) or undertaking Rule of law/Governance assignments (e.g. UN, EC Framework Contract Lot 7 - Governance and Home Affairs) as well as justice sector personnel wishing to adapt their expertise for international consultancy work.

Knowledge and skills enhanced include:

  • The legal principles, policies & practice underpinning human rights based approaches to justice sector reform
  • The inter-linkages between justice sector roles (law enforcement, judiciary, corrections/rehabilitation, etc.)
  • The relationship between the justice sector and related terms; 'security sector', 'rule of law', 'good governance'
  • Human Rights Based needs assessment, programme design, implementation, monitoring & evaluation
  • Programming tools & checklists (including benchmarks & indicators of human rights change)
  • Case studies from national contexts as well as international field missions (including conflict and post-conflict)
  • Teamwork, advocacy, strategic partnerships and international work opportunities in the sector

Further details and scholarship opportunities

University of Oxford

Public International Law Discussion Group

Date: Thursdays, 12.30pm

Venue: The Old Library, All Souls College

The discussion group's meetings are part of the programme of the British Branch of the International Law Association and are supported by the Law Faculty and Oxford University Press.

The PIL Discussion Group hosts a weekly speaker event and light lunch and is a key focal point for PIL@Oxford. Topics involve contemporary and challenging issues in international law. Speakers include distinguished international law practitioners, academics, and legal advisers from around the world.

The group typically meets each Thursday during Oxford terms in The Old Library, All Souls College, with lunch commencing at 12:30. No RSVP is necessary.

View the term's full schedule.

If you have any queries, please contact Jennifer Hassan.