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Visiting Fellowships 

The British Institute of International and Comparative Law welcomes applications from international legal academics and scholars to conduct their own research whilst based in London. The objectives of the Visiting Research Fellowship are to provide scholars with an opportunity to have a base in London to carry out independent research work - which should be closely linked with that of the Institute, its research fellows and its ongoing research programme  whilst benefiting from working with the Institute's permanent research staff.

Please note that applicants must ensure that they are legally entitled to work in the UK in order to be considered for a Visiting Fellowship. Applicants currently in the UK on a tourist visa are not eligible for the Visiting Fellowship Programme.  This visa requirement is relevant to applicants planning to work from London.

Visiting Fellowship Arrangements at BIICL

Visiting Research Fellows are provided for the duration of their stay with a shared work station, computer and, if relevant, a BIICL email address. In return, a monthly 'bench fee' is charged to cover administration costs. The Visiting Research Fellow will be expect to present a seminar, if requested, and to engage appropriately with Institute events. The Visiting Research Fellow will be expected to take out individual membership of the Institute.

How to Apply

To apply for a Visiting Research Fellowship, in the first instance, please email the following information to the HR & Office Manager, Clare Priestley. 

  • A brief biographical note;
  • A brief summary of the research you intend to carry out whilst at BIICL;
  • A short reference from an academic institution, professional body or similar; and
  • The proposed length of stay.

Applicants should note that the Visiting Fellows programme is designed principally for researchers who hold a PhD or have equivalent experience in practice. Only in exceptional circumstances will applications be considered from those presently engaged in PhD studies who do not also have extensive practical experience.

A monthly 'bench fee' is charged to cover administration costs.

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