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What has happened to the United States Supreme Court? A Cautionary Tale

Five cases decided by the United States Supreme Court at the close of its 2021-2022 term have fundamentally changed the political landscape in the United States and raised serious questions about the neutrality and socio-political agendas of the members of the Court's new majority.

These decisions overturned a fifty-year plus old federally-recognized right to abortions, a more than one hundred-year old ban on the carrying of firearms in public, essentially gutted the "establishment of religion" prohibition of the First Amendment to the US Constitution and threatened the end of the so-called "administrative state" as it has operated for more than one hundred years. The jurisprudential and political implications of these decisions have been earth-shaking.

Paul C. Saunders, President of the International Rule of Law Project, discusses these cases and their implications for the future of the Rule of Law in the United States in a recent essay. His conclusions may not be optimistic for the future but they are important factors to be considered by those who consider the Rule of Law essential to the survival of our shared experiment of equal justice for all.

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