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Dr Liza Lovdahl-Gormsen

Director, Competition Law Forum and Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Liza Lovdahl Gormsen joined BIICL on 1 September 2014 as a Senior Research Fellow and the director of the Competition Law Forum. Her role at BIICL is to lead the Competition Law Forum, host events for its members and get the Forum involved in national and international competition policy debates. Furthermore, Liza will be engaged in competition law research. She has initiated a collaboration with Centre for European Studies in Economic Law (CESEL) at University of Copenhagen, University of Stockholm and University of Amsterdam. Previously, Liza was a Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester (2011-2014) and London School of Economics (2008-2011) where she taught Competition Law in an International Context, Business Law, Company Law and Corporate Governance. Liza continues to maintain her PhD supervision responsibilities at University of Manchester. Liza is a Non-Governmental Advisor (NGA) to the UK for the International Competition Network's (ICN) Unilateral Conduct Working Group and the Agency Effectiveness Working Group.

Liza has a background in private practice at both national and international level and served as a Lawyer at the Office of Fair Trading (2004-2008) where she gained extensive experience in consumer goods industries and pharmaceuticals. She was part of major cartel investigations and cases concerning abuse of dominance, in particular, rebate cases. In 2008, she was contracted by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to compile a study on consumer empowerment across seven jurisdictions titled: 'Benchmarking the performance of the UK Framework supporting consumer empowerment through comparison against relevant international comparator countries.'

Liza obtained a PhD in Competition Law (2007) at King's College London supervised by Emeritus Professor Richard Whish QC and visiting Professor David Bailey (Brick Court Chambers). She is still involved with King's College London and act as an external examiner for the LLM in European Competition Law, Diploma in Competition Law and Diploma in European Law.

Liza is a speaker at national as well as international conferences on a broad range of issues and has published a variety of articles in European competition law. She is the author of A Principle Approach to Abuse of Dominance - a book published by Cambridge University Press. Liza is a member of the editorial review board for Oxford Competition Law (UK) and the Competition Bulleting (Paris, France). She is also a council member of Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) in the US and a member of the Competition Law Scholars Forum (CLaSF) in the UK.

Liza has been involved in a number of legal submissions to the European Commission and was involved in the European Commission's review of Article 82 EC. She is currently instructed by the World Bank to assess newly adopted competition law regimes in developing countries.

Selected publications

  • 'Competition Law and Democracy' (2017) Vol 16(7) Competition Law Insight 7
  • 'Legitimate Expectation of Consistent Interpretation of EU State aid Law: Recovery in State aid cases involving advanced pricing agreements on tax' (2017) Journal of European Competition Law and Practice Vol 8(7) 423-436
  • 'State Aid and Direct Taxation and the Big Eruption between the US and the EU' (2017) Antitrust Bulletin Vol 85
  • 'Collective Dominance: An Overview of National Case Law' e-Competitions Bulletin (2016) Art. N° 72449
  • 'EU State Aid Law and Transfer Pricing: A Critical Introduction to a New Saga' (2016) Journal of European Competition Law and Practice
  • 'Collective Dominance: An Overview of National Case Law'e-Competitions Bulletin (2015) Art. N° 72449
  • 'Competition Law and Pricing Mechanisms' 10(2) Competition Law Review (2015) 119-123
  • 'Getting the Deal Through' Global Competition Review (2014) 122-168 (co-authored with Dr A Papadopoulos)
  • 'Are Anti-Competitive Effects Necessary for an Analysis under Article 102 TFEU?' 36(2) World Competition Law and Economics Review (2013) 223-245
  • 'Mergers & Acquisitions' in Gore-Browne on EU Company Law (Jordan, 48th edition, 2013)
  • 'Abuse of Dominance - Exclusionary Pricing Abuses' in Handbook in European Competition Law: Enforcement and Procedures (Edward Elgar, 2013) (co-authored with Professor A Jones)
  • 'Can Consumer Welfare Convincingly be Said to be an Objective of Article 102 when the Methodology Relies on an Inference of Effects' in Aims and Values in Competition Law (DJØF Publishing, 2013)
  • Review of L. Ortiz Blanco Market Power in EU Antitrust Law (Oxford Hart Publishing, 2013) 9(3) European Competition Journal (2013) 1
  • Review of P. Akman The Concept of Abuse in EU Competition Law: Law and Economics Approaches (Oxford Hart Publishing, 2012) 50(1) Common Market Law Review (2013) 301
  • 'Guidance on Abuse in Europe: The Continued Concern for Rivalry and a Competitive Structure' (2010) 55(4) The Antitrust Bulletin 875-911 (co-authored with Dr P Marsden)
  • 'Why the European Commission's Enforcement Priorities on Article 82 EC Should be Withdrawn' (2010) 31(2) The European Competition Law Review 45-55
  • 'How well does the European Legal Test for Predation go with an Economic Approach to Article 102 TFEU?' (2010) 37(4) Legal Issues of Economic Integration 293-305
  • 'A Judicial Panel for European Merger Cases: why the House of Lords was right' (2009) 5 Journal of Business Law 495-518
  • 'The European Commission's Priority Guidelines on Article 82 EC' (2009) 14(3) Communication Law Journal 83-93
  • 'UK and Danish Competition Institutions' in Antitrust Encyclopaedia (2nd edition, 2009)
  • Review of Barry J Rodger and Angus MacCulloch Competition Law and Policy in the EC and UK (Routledge, 2009) 46(6) Common Market Law Review (2009) 2127
  • 'The Parallels between the Harvard Structural School and Article 82 EC and the Divergences between the Chicago and Post-Chicago Schools and Article 82 EC' (2008) 4(1) European Competition Journal 221-241
  • 'Will there be Article 82 Guidelines and what are the Implications?' (April, 2008) Global Competition Policy
  • 'The Conflict between Economic Freedom and Consumer Welfare in the Modernisation of Article 82 EC' (2007) 3(2) European Competition Journal 329-345
  • 'The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal widens the scope for the Office of Fair Trading to close a case based on administrative priority: the Cityhook case' (EU Competition Laws e-Bulletin, 2007)
  • 'The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal finds that it is not for the Tribunal to assess the reasonableness of the Office of Fair Trading's exercise of its discretion to decide whether or not to open an investigation: the Brannigan case' (EU Competition Laws e-Bulletin, 2007)
  • 'Article 82 EC: Where are we coming from and where are we going to?' (2006) 2(2) Competition Law Review 5-25
  • 'The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal relies on the refusal to supply doctrine to adopt a very wide interpretation of abuse: the Burgess case' (EU Competition Laws e-Bulletin, 2006)
  • 'The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal confirms that indirect contact between competing retailers via a mutual supplier can amount to concerted practices and that recommended retail prices may lead to price-fixing: the Replica Kit case' (EU Competition Laws e-Bulletin, 2006)
  • 'The UK Court of Appeal rules on discussions on vertical basis and restricts the CAT's test: the JJB Sports case' (EU Competition Laws e-Bulletin, 2006)

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