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Project Activities

 Rescuing Intellectual Property Rights in Pandemic Emergencies from the"Tragedy of Anticommons

Kobe Conference: 27-28 October 2022

Kobe University hosted a two-day conference centred on pandemic preparedness and response through the lens of international and comparative law. The agenda included WHO Law, Japanese pharmaceutical and patent law, intellectual property mediation law, and disaster law. A key focus was the concept of the "Tragedy of the Anticommons" in legal frameworks, particularly in relation to intellectual property, contract law, disaster law, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The Project's PI, Professor Roy A Partain, explained that an 'Anticommons' occurs when several actors independently hold rights to exclude others from a shared resource, leading to its underuse or abandonment due to individual self-interest. Partain presented a new model of Anticommons that connects it to broader Social Choice Theory research questions; he also presented new mathematical foundations for Anticommons, enabling legal researchers to utilize new models that avoid the normative content of the field's previous reliance on microeconomic models. In the field of medical and pharmaceutical law, anticommons structures can impede the rapid development of medical and pharmaceutical solutions during emergency situations. Empirical research results on anticommons occurrences in these industries was presented and discussed. Experts from BIICL, Macquarie University, Maastricht University, Nishimura & Asahi Law Firm, Aomori Chuo Gakuin, University, Kobe University, and other Japanese institutions participated in the discussion, paving the way for collaborative research and policy development.

Kobe Conference 2022

Sydney Research Collaboration Workshop

Research Collaboration Workshop

Sydney Research Collaboration Workshop : 6-7 November 2023

BIICL supported a two-day research workshop at Macquarie University Law School in Sydney, focusing on global health law and policy from an IP perspective. The event gathered a delegation of experts from across Japan, the UK, and Australia to discuss key challenges in developing and distributing medicines during pandemic events, with a case study on Japan's COVID-19 vaccine approach. The Project's PI for Japan, Professor Takeshi Maeda led discussions on IP law and their connections to anticommons theory. Relevant discussion topics presented, among others, by Professor Narufumi Kadomatsu (Kobe University Graduate School of Law) and Professor Akiko Kato (Nihon University, Department of Business Law) included IP sharing and access to medical products during health emergencies, conflict resolution and vaccine compensation schemes, and the role of indigenous medicine in IP rights. A significant part of the meeting was dedicated to discussing the new (draft) pandemic treaty, outlining its contents and exploring the challenges and opportunities it presents for future pandemic cooperation, including the possibility of temporarily waiving IP rights in the face of an emerging pandemic. The was event convened by Dr Constantinos Yiallourides and Dr Esther Erlings. More meetings will follow in 2024, with a book currently in development.

Relevant Publications 2022-2023 

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