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The President's Circle

The President's Circle consists of individuals who have made a gift of at least £10,000 to the BIICL 60+ Appeal or one of our centres. Without the support of our President's Circle Members and others who give so generously to the Institute, we would not have the funds to rigorously retain our independence, react speedily to new legal issues or support our talented research team to investigate new areas. We value our interaction with Members and we are keen to keep them in touch and engaged in our work by:

  • inviting them to an annual drinks reception and briefing, hosted by Lord Neuberger;
  • inviting them to other high-profile key events at the Institute;
  • sending reports and updates on our progress;
  • encouraging more involvement in our work.

For more information, please contact Diane Denny on +44 (0)20 7862 5443 or at

Members of the President's Circle:

  • Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury
  • William Arah
  • Philip Bennett
  • Sir Franklin Berman KCMG KC
  • Sir Daniel Bethlehem KCMG KC
  • Dame Catherine Bingham DBE
  • Sir William Blair
  • The Hon Charles N Brower
  • Sir Christopher Clarke
  • Professor Dr Malik Dahlan
  • Edwin Glasgow CBE KC
  • Sir Christopher Greenwood GBE CMG KC
  • Dame Rosalyn Higgins GBE FBA KC
  • Richard Lissack KC
  • Professor Vaughan Lowe KC
  • Ali Malek KC
  • Lord Collins of Mapesbury
  • Guy Morton
  • Tim Otty KC
  • Martin Paisner CBE
  • Hefin Rees KC
  • Samantha Rowe
  • Harish Salve KC
  • Professor Philippe Sands KC
  • George Seligman
  • Guglielmo Verdirame KC
  • Andrew White KC
  • Sir Michael Wood KCMG
  • Samuel Wordsworth KC


"It is not difficult to be enthusiastic and impressed by what BIICL is doing. It is not only the Institute's legal researchers, but also the Institute's staff, and indeed those from the profession, the judiciary and academia who support and give their time and expertise so generously, who make BIICL the truly exceptional place that it is."

Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, President of BIICL and Chairman of the 60+ Appeal
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