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The BIICL Fund provides the opportunity for its members, friends and event participants to invest in the British Institute of International and Comparative Law and enhance its status as a leading independent research institute.

Donations to The BIICL Fund help to ensure that there are resources available to support BIICL's core priorities and that it has the flexibility to meet urgent needs. This is especially valuable to us at this time of uncertainty.

The value of support to the BIICL Fund is that the income can be used today.

Contact the Development team

We would be delighted to discuss your interest in supporting our work and to develop a customised proposition for you. Please contact:

Diane Denny 

Development Director

Florence Skinner 

Development Manager

Victoria Wyndham 

Grants Manager

BIICL's fundraising is governed by our Guidelines for Ethical Funding. Information on BIICL's Donor Privacy Policy.

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