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Centre for Comparative Law

About the Centre for Comparative Law

Comparative law plays a vital role in promoting legal development, coherence, and justice in an increasingly interconnected world. Comparative approaches allows legal scholars, policymakers and practitioners to understand how different legal systems approach similar issues, offering valuable insights and help to identify best practices, gaps and areas for improvement in legal systems.

The Centre for Comparative Law (CCL) is committed to promoting cross-cultural knowledge exchange and fostering the exchange of ideas to drive legal innovation and adaptation to changing social dynamics. Through independent research, expert discussions, and training initiatives, CCL aims to enhance legal understanding and knowledge across national borders. CCL's scope encompasses diverse areas such as civil and commercial law, conflict resolution, and dispute resolution. Collaborating with universities, distinguished scholars, and research institutions in the UK and globally, CCL actively seeks to advance its mission on a broad scale.

Current areas of research of the Centre for Comparative Law

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