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COVID-19 and the law: protection and recovery for vulnerable groups

COVID-19 triggered an unprecedented global health and economic crisis, fundamentally impacting every aspect of life. It caused massive economic disruption and affected supply chains, the ability to undertake and implement work, government-function and access to justice. In particular, vulnerable individuals and groups such as small businesses, women and children, supply chain workers, migrants and refugees were affected.

In response, this study aims to concentrate on safeguarding these at-risk populations from the pandemic's adverse effects and any future crisis. The project draws on a wide range of different sectors and contributions from academics and practitioners and systematically examines the direct and indirect effects of crises on vulnerable groups and individuals and best practices for the mitigation of these effects.

Study Contact Point Dr Sara Razai 

This project is funded by the UK Research and Innovation fund (UKRI) , co-organised BIICL and Kyoto University Graduate School of Law, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law and Policy (CISLP). The project runs from February 2022 to February 2025

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