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Constance Bonze

Constance Bonzé joined BIICL as a Researcher for the Centre for Comparative Law in 2017. An expert in legal and empirical research on Private International Law and Comparative Law, and more specifically on collective redress, she worked on studies for the European Commission: the State of Collective Redress in the EU (2017) and the Rome II Regulation (2021). She also co-authored research projects on Judicial Cooperation after Brexit (2019), on the New International Commercial Courts (2020), and on collective redress (including the comparative study commissioned by the Swiss Legal Affairs Committees, 2023). Recent publications include 'Judicial dialogue à la Française' published in Social Media, Fundamental Rights and Courts (Routledge, 2023).

Current research projects include a cooperation with Kyoto University to investigate the new legal issues arising from the pandemic with a focus on the protection of vulnerable groups. In addition to her research, Constance works closely with the Centre for Comparative Law, in collaboration with the Centre for AI and Data Governance (CAIDG) of the Singapore Management University, on the 'Law and Change' series which is designed to discuss how global crises are changing law and how law and legal services can assist in the orderly management of global change.

Constance holds an LL.M. from the Queen Mary University of London and is a PhD student at the University of Lausanne where her research focuses on human rights collective redress and corporate accountability in the EU.


Constance Bonze

Research Consultant in Private International Law

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