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Ideas and Perspectives for a Climate Emergency Bill

Dr Ivano Alogna, Dr Jean-Pierre Gauci

On 2nd April 2020 the British Institute of International and Comparative Law convened a webinar entitled 'Ideas and Perspectives for a Climate Emergency Bill: Developing a Toolkit for Legislators to Tackle Climate Change'. The webinar was convened in collaboration with Landmark Chambers and Rights Community Action. The event discussed legal developments in the field of climate change from a comparative perspective, emphasising the legislative solutions developed in the UK, France and Denmark. The focus of the event was on the possibility and need for a new Climate Emergency Act in the UK. The webinar, which followed an event on climate change litigation held in January 2020, was part of the programme of work on climate change and environmental law being developed by BIICL. The webinar recording is available on the BIICL website.

This report provides an overview of the discussions and synthesises some of the conclusions.

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