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Global Perspectives on Corporate Climate Legal Tactics: National Reports

More than 2000 climate change litigation cases have been filed globally. Whilst the majority of these cases have been filed against States, climate change-related cases have also been filed against private actors, mostly fossil fuel and cement companies, major greenhouse gas emitters. Whilst there is a growing body of work analysing climate litigation from a comparative perspective, analysis of the peculiarities of cases involving corporate players has yet to receive the same rigorous analysis as those cases against states.

Our project, Global Perspectives on Corporate Climate Legal Tactics will provide a repository of the most effective best practices worldwide in terms of substantive and procedural legal tools. It will offer a legal Toolbox for national and international legislators, and an inspiration for corporate actors to raise their climate-related ambitions.

The project is forward-looking, identifying possible arguments and legal tools to tackle climate change through litigation involving companies. It is developing legal models to be incorporated into domestic legislation, regulation, contracts and international treaties. Combined, this will help litigation planning whilst allowing corporate actors to make positive changes to mitigate their litigation risk and contribute to combatting climate change.

The national reports created by our 17 national rapporteurs are being used to provide a comparative analysis of the state of play of corporate climate litigation across those 17 legal systems.

Read the National Reports 

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