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John Trajer

Biography John Trajer is a Research Fellow in Anti-Trafficking Law and Policy at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL). In this role, he is working on a project that assesses the impact of access to legal advice on people with lived experiences of modern slavery. John holds a BA from the University of Oxford, a joint MA from the universities of Göttingen and Groningen, and an LLM from the European University Institute. He has also acquired professional experience…

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Noemi Magugliani

Biography Dr. Noemi Magugliani is a Research Fellow in Anti-trafficking Law and Policy at BIICL. Noemi holds a PhD in Law from the National University of Ireland Galway, where they conducted research that focussed on trafficked adult men, gendered constructions of vulnerability, and access to protection. Noemi also holds an LLM in International Human Rights Law and Policy from University College Cork and a BA in International Relations from the University of Milan. Beyond their work at the…

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Sofia Gonzalez De Aguinaga

Biography Dr Sofia Gonzalez is a Research Fellow in Business, ESG & Modern Slavery and joined BIICL in February 2022. She leads the research work strand on Business and Modern Slavery of the Bingham Centre for the Modern Slavery and Human Rights Policy and Evidence Centre (PEC). She is also developing a relevant research programme on Modern Slavery and businesses' ESG responsibilities for the Bingham Centre's Business Network. Before joining BIICL she worked as a consultant for the Walk…

Modern Slavery

Rosana Garciandia

Biography Dr Rosana Garciandia is Research Fellow in Labour Exploitation and Human Rights at BIICL. She conducts research on the international law response to human rights challenges, including labour exploitation and all contemporary forms of slavery. Her focus is on the responsibility of States and businesses, and on the potential of existing human rights mechanisms to protect victims from abuses. Rosana is also a Visiting Lecturer in Public International Law at King's College London. Prior…

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Supplying governments amidst modern slavery provisions in public procurement.

This is an accompanying piece to a Modern Slavery and Human Rights Policy and Evidence Centre (Modern Slavery PEC) Policy Brief on the Effectiveness of public procurement measures in addressing modern slavery. The Modern Slavery PEC is led by the Bingham Centre and Dr Sofia Gonzalez de Aguinaga is one of the authors of the Brief. Here she discusses the impact of public procurement modern slavery measures on business. Businesses are increasingly facing regulations to tackle modern slavery…

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Identification of adults with lived experiences of modern slavery in the UK

Research project examining how to improve the identification of adult survivors of modern slavery Despite the numbers of people identified as 'potential victims of modern slavery' growing year on year, there is room for improvement. In 2021, 12,727 people were referred to the UK's National Referral Mechanism (NRM), the highest number of referrals since the NRM began. In the same year, the Home Office received 3,190 reports of adult potential victims via the 'Duty to Notify' process -…

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Determinants of Anti-trafficking Efforts

EVENTS Determinants of Anti-trafficking Efforts Event - Tags Share Links Event - Timings and Location Event Details  This event is the culmination of a two and a half year research project undertaken at BIICL, which analysed the determinants of anti-trafficking efforts. Determinants are understood as factors shaping governments'…


Trafficked persons on trial in the United Kingdom: Court of Appeal provides new guidance on abuse of process and available defences

Section 45 of the 2015 Modern Slavery Act (MSA) established a statutory basis for the principle of non-punishment of trafficked persons, understood as the principle according to which a trafficked person shall not be punished for unlawful acts committed as a result of their trafficking experience. Despite its narrow construction, it is an important protection for trafficked persons - as recognised in European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) judgment in VCL and AN v UK, which found…

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HRDD in the Public Sector and Public Procurement

EVENTS HRDD in the Public Sector and Public Procurement Event - Tags Share Links Event - Timings and Location    Event Details During the pandemic, concerns were raised about national health authorities sourcing PPE allegedly produced through forced labour. These reports coincided with questions around revising the…

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Platform for Organising by Workers for Empowerment and Recognition (GLP-POWER)

BIICL is delighted to be joining forces with Solidar Suisse and Pragya in a project aimed to assess and promote new and innovative modes of organising for marginalized informal/precarious workers in Asia. GLP-Power seeks to enhance workers' agency and effective bargaining, increase the visibility of workers' causes, and support regional solidarity and inclusion while overcoming the impediments and restricted democratic space in their environments. Project - Tags The…

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Data for investor action on modern slavery

Report laying groundwork for developing data solutions for investors to help address modern slavery. This report, entitled Data for Investor Action on Modern Slavery: A Landscape Analysis, was developed by Florian Ostmann and Alex Harris from the Alan Turing Institute and Nyasha Weinberg, Irene Pietropaoli and Lise Smit from the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law. The outputs of the project include a full report, brief Research Summary and a catalogue of data resources on modern slavery…

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Data for Investor action on Modern Slavery

EVENTS Data for investor action on modern slavery Event - Tags Share Links Event - Timings and Location Event Details There is increasing recognition of the important role of investors when it comes to addressing modern slavery risks in business supply chains and the private sector more generally. Investors' information needs…

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New Report from the Modern Slavery PEC

Analysing the effectiveness of the Modern Slavery Act's Transparency in Supply Chains measures. Today the Modern Slavery Policy and Evidence Centre will launch its report 'Analysing the effectiveness of the Modern Slavery Act's Transparency in Supply Chains measures' The report, produced by the Bonavero Institute for Human Rights  and the Bingham Centre, analyses how effective the Modern Slavery Act has been in holding UK businesses accountable for modern slavery in their supply…

Modern Slavery

Effectiveness of Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act

Report analysing how effective section 54 has been in holding UK businesses accountable for modern slavery in their supply chains. Executive summary In 2015, the Government of the United Kingdom (Government) introduced section 54 (section 54) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (MSA). Section 54 requires businesses with a certain annual turnover to publish a 'slavery and human trafficking statement' (MSA statement) every year. In the express intention of the lawmakers, the MSA statement would…

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