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Dr Rosana Garciandia


Dr Rosana Garciandia is Research Leader in Labour Exploitation and Human Rights at BIICL. She conducts research on the international law response to human rights challenges, including labour exploitation and all contemporary forms of slavery. Her focus is on the responsibility of States and businesses, and on the potential of existing human rights mechanisms to protect victims from abuses.

Rosana is also a Lecturer in Public International Law at King's College London and Associate Director of its Centre for International Governance and Dispute Resolution. Prior to joining BIICL she worked as an academic at King's College London and at University of Murcia, in her native Spain. She has also worked at various international organisations. She was the Secretary General of the European Law Institute in Vienna, and has developed research for the UN Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Slavery. She has also worked at the UN Office on Drugs and Crime and at the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights.

Dr Garciandia has authored various publications in public international law, with a focus on State responsibility, international human rights law, modern slavery, anti-corruption law, restrictions to media freedom, and migration and refugee law.


Dr Rosana Garciandia

Research Leader in Labour Exploitation and Human Rights

+44 (0)20 7862 5151

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