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Jean-Pierre Gauci

Biography Dr. Jean-Pierre Gauci is Senior Research Fellow in Public International Law and Director of Teaching and Training at BIICL. Recruited in 2014 as a research coordinator for the British Influences on International Law Project, his role was extended to that of research fellow in August 2015 and associate senior research fellow in 2017. Jean-Pierre holds a PhD in Law from King's College London with research that focused on trafficking based asylum claims. He also holds a Doctor of Laws…

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Rosana Garciandia

Biography Dr Rosana Garciandia is Research Fellow in Labour Exploitation and Human Rights at BIICL. She conducts research on the international law response to human rights challenges, including labour exploitation and all contemporary forms of slavery. Her focus is on the responsibility of States and businesses, and on the potential of existing human rights mechanisms to protect victims from abuses. Rosana is also a Visiting Lecturer in Public International Law at King's College London. Prior…

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Short Course: International Labour Law

EVENTS Short Course: International Labour Law Event - Tags Share Links Event - Timings and Location    Course Details International Labour Law is a constantly evolving field of law and one which has a direct impact on governments, businesses, civil society organisations and workers. It influences the way in which governments…

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Human rights responsibilities of multinational enterprises and States in the Cuban tourism sector

The tourism and hospitality sector has been key to the development of the Cuban economy for decades. It is one of the essential economic pillars in the Cuban system, and one where foreign multinational corporations operate in partnership with State-owned companies to provide their services. As in many other geographical contexts, the Cuban tourism and hospitality sector has been associated with risks of labour exploitation, discrimination, and other human rights concerns. This report…

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Platform for Organising by Workers for Empowerment and Recognition (GLP-POWER)

BIICL is delighted to be joining forces with Solidar Suisse and Pragya in a project aimed to assess and promote new and innovative modes of organising for marginalized informal/precarious workers in Asia. GLP-Power seeks to enhance workers' agency and effective bargaining, increase the visibility of workers' causes, and support regional solidarity and inclusion while overcoming the impediments and restricted democratic space in their environments. Project - Tags The…

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Human Rights Responsibilities of Multi-National Enterprises Working in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector in Cuba

Companies, including foreign companies, operating in the tourism and hospitality sector in Cuba have the responsibility to respect the human rights of workers. This includes the duty to set up policies and due diligence processes to assess the risk of labour exploitation in their supply chains, to identify exploitation cases, and to take steps to ensure access to remedy for those workers whose rights may have been abused. States where those companies are domiciled also have obligations…

Business and Human Rights+3
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