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Part I: Some Observations on the Agreement between Greece and Egypt on the Delimitation of the Exclusive Economic Zone

Dr Constantinos Yiallourides


Greece and Egypt signed an agreement for the delimitation of the two countries' maritime boundaries in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea on 7 August 2020. The Greek Foreign Minister said that this was a 'historic day': the two states had reached an 'exemplary agreement' that 'reconfirms and enshrines the effect and the right of islands to a continental shelf and EEZ' in conformity with international law and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). The Egyptian Foreign Minister stated: 'This agreement allows both countries to move forward in maximizing the utilization of the resources available in the exclusive economic zone, especially promising oil and gas reserves'.

The Greece-Egypt maritime delimitation agreement is available here (in Greek). This post provides some background context, observations on the text of the agreement, and implications of the agreement for the Greece-Turkey maritime boundary dispute.

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