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Dr Constantinos Yiallourides


Dr Constantinos Yiallourides is Research Leader in Law of the Sea at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) where he leads the Institute's Watts Programme of research, training, and events in the law of the sea and global ocean governance. He is also Lecturer in International Law at Macquarie University, School of Law, Sydney. He was previously lecturer in international law at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, post-doctoral researcher in energy law and policy at the University of Tokyo, Japan, and visiting scholar-in-residence at Waseda University, Institute for Advance Study, Japan.

Dr Yiallourides' research expertise spans a number of international law fields with a particular focus on the law of territory, the law of the sea, environmental and natural resources law and the peaceful settlement of international disputes more broadly. He has provided expert advice and training to governments, international organizations, and other entities on a broad set of issues of international law. His recent publications include, among others, 'The Use of Force in relation to Sovereignty Disputes over Land Territory' (BIICL 2018), 'Maritime Disputes and International Law: Disputed Waters and Seabed Resources in Asia and Europe' (BIICL 2019), 'Offshore Methane Hydrates in Japan: Prospects, Challenges and the Law' (BIICL 2020), and 'Global Health Governance: The Legal Duty of States to Cooperate in the Fight Against Pandemic Disease' (Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law 2021).

Dr Yiallourides' selected research publications can be accessed on SSRN.


Dr Constantinos Yiallourides

Research Leader in the Law of the Sea

+44 (0)20 7862 5151

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