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Human Rights Due Diligence for Climate Change Impacts: Webinar Series Report

Dr Ivano Alogna, Lise Smit

This report has been updated on 14 January 2021

The British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) held the webinar series 'Human Rights Due Diligence for Climate Change Impacts' from 10th September to 1st October 2020, as part of the newly established BIICL Human Rights Due Diligence Forum.

Developments around mandatory human rights due diligence laws are multiplying across Europe, and increasingly include climate change impacts within their scope. As a result, companies, regulators, judges, legal advisors, civil society and the public are asking what the legal implications of these due diligence laws will be for companies relating to their climate change impacts.

In this webinar series, the discussion turned on the nature of due diligence as a legal standard of care, how this can be applied in relation to climate change, and what the practical implications for companies are likely to be.

This report provides an overview of the discussions and is divided into four parts according to the episodes' topics. It contains the written versions of each speaker's presentation, in the order that they took place.

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