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70 Years of the International and Comparative Law Quarterly

2022 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of BIICL's flagship publication, the International and Comparative Law Quarterly. As we enter this milestone year, it is a source of great satisfaction and pride to see the Journal thriving as strongly as ever.

We hold fast to our core aims, as articulated by Lord Denning in the first issue of the ICLQ back in 1952: 'first, to handle current questions so as to be of service to all those who have to do with these fields of law ... secondly, to move freely over the boundaries, which seem to divide these fields of law and to bring out the underlying unities.'

Thanks to active engagement online, we are now able to be of service to more readers than ever before. Over the past year, our articles were downloaded more than 600,000 times; record numbers of citations to our articles increased the research impact factor to 1.932 (its highest point ever); and we received hundreds of new manuscripts from scholars around the world.

With respect to handling current questions and crossing boundaries, our January issue included open access articles on such pressing matters as 'Protecting Foreign Investment and Public Health through Arbitral Balancing and Treaty Design'; 'Aligning the Brussels Regime with the Representative Actions Directive'; and 'Cooperating through the General Assembly to End Serious Breaches of Peremptory Norms'.

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We invite you to find out more about the ICLQ and BIICL at this year's ICLQ Annual Lecture  on 4th of April 2022 

 The Lecture will be given by Dr Mark Eccleston-Turner and Dr Michelle Rourke who will address questions of human rights and global health law with respect to the unequal distribution of vaccines to developing countries. 

We will also present this year's Early Career Prize to Ms Rebecca Barber, who will share details of her research on UN sanctions and its implications for the dreadful situation in Ukraine. 

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