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Constantinos Yiallourides

Biography Dr Constantinos Yiallourides is the Arthur Watts Research Fellow in Law of the Sea at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) where he leads the Watts programme of research and events on global ocean governance. He is also a Lecturer in International Law at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, and Visiting Scholar in Law and Public Policy at the University of Tokyo, Japan, where he conducts research on Japan's legal framework for deep-sea mining and its…

Climate Change+2

Offshore methane hydrates in Japan: Research Report published

Dr Constantinos Yiallourides has recently completed a 14 months-long research project in Tokyo, Japan. The project examined the potential prospects and benefits from the commercial development of offshore methane hydrates in Japan and whether existing legal frameworks are sufficiently robust to address the foreseeable environmental risks posed by methane hydrate exploration and exploitation operations in Japan and beyond.  The project investigated how methane hydrates fit within Japan's…


Offshore Methane Hydrates in Japan: Prospects, Challenges and the Law

Offshore Methane Hydrates in Japan: Prospects, Challenges and the Law Working Paper, September 2019 Authors: Constantinos Yiallourides & Roy Andrew Partain Report Summary This report provides a background to the science and engineering of Japan's offshore methane hydrates, on the place of the natural gas produced from those hydrates in Japan's overall energy policies, and how Japan might best legally prepare for the onset of natural gas production from those offshore hydrate assets.…


Pipelines and International Law

Time: 17.30-19.30 (Registration from 17.00) Event followed by a drinks reception Venue: British Institute of International and Comparative Law, Charles Clore House, 17 Russell Square, London WC1B 5JP Event Report The indispensability of energy resources, such as oil and gas, for State's socioeconomic development and security brings the cross-border transit of energy to the centre of international debate. In this context, pipelines embody the confluence of distinct areas of international law, from…


Maritime Disputes and Disputed Seabed Resources in the African Continent

   This chapter provides an overview of some of the most significant maritime boundary disputes in Africa, both past and ongoing, and the interplay between these disputes and the exploration and exploitation of seabed resources. It discusses how the exploration and exploitation of disputed seabed resources have fueled maritime disputes and how African States have attempted to resolve their differences. Particular focus is paid to cases where the disputing parties were able to…


Offshore Methane Hydrates in Japan: Prospects, Challenges and the Law

   On 19 March 2013, Japan became the first-ever country to announce successful continuous-flow production of methane gas from a solid methane hydrate layer located under the seabed in ultra-deep waters, establishing the technical feasibility of this novel natural resource and of its novel extraction technology. Methane hydrates are a unique natural resource that could provide both a tremendous amount of natural gas and fresh water. For example, one cubic meter of hydrate produces…


Protecting and Preserving the Marine Environment in Disputed Areas..

   This paper is the first to address the environmental legal issues that could arise from the conduct of unilateral seismic operations in disputed maritime areas. And that should be surprising: such operations are ongoing in many places across the globe as states seek to enhance their domestic natural resource potentials and as they seek to establish their sovereign control in the areas under dispute. But the lack of previous legal scholarship on the topic is even more surprising…


State responsibility for unilateral hydrocarbon activities in disputed maritime areas..

State responsibility for unilateral hydrocarbon activities in disputed maritime areas: The case of Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire and its implications Publication - Download PDF Share Links Publication - Tags


UNCLOS at 30

This event is now fully booked. The conference programme is available to view here and a downloadable brochure is available here. The British Institute of International and Comparative Law in conjunction with the Law Society of Northern Ireland is pleased to announce an event commemorating the 30th anniversary of the opening for signature of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea ("UNCLOS"). UNCLOS, often referred to as "the Constitution of the Sea", now has over 160 States parties…


Joint Development of Offshore Oil and Gas...

Joint Development of Offshore Oil and Gas: Joint Development of Offshore Oil & Gas Model Agreement for States for Joint Development with Explanatory Commentary v. 1 A first meeting to investigate joint development agreements between States in offshore maritime zones was held by the Institute on 10 June 1985. A Working Group under the chairmanship of Sir Maurice Bathurst was set up with members drawn from industry, university and government service. The Working Group was supported…

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