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Reimagining the Law

What would you change about the law if you could? This was a question we put to a range of legal professionals - from practising lawyers to former judges, academics and legal commentators - inviting them to reimagine an area of the law or of our justice system, and share their thoughts with us.

We are hopeful that later this year the project will expand to look at ways in which the law and its practice might become more international, transcending jurisdictions and inspiring solutions to solve complex international problems, reaching out to a wide and diverse range of contributors both nationally and internationally.

We also see real potential for BIICL to act as an ideas hub, including seeking contributions that address Law and Science as well as Law and the Environment.

Phase One of Reimagining the Law initiative has almost come to an end with one final submission that you can read here along with our plans for the next phase.

Guy Beringer, Spyros Maniatis and Keith Ruddock

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