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Force Majeure and Hardship in Commercial Contracts: Cross-border and Comparative Perspectives

Webinar Details

On 8 April 2020 this webinar examined the legal consequences of a party's inability to perform a contract due to events outside their control, by comparing and contrasting a series of different juridictions including the US, France and the UK. An analysis was made of the issue of force majeure / and hardship in comparative perspective, looking at the impact of contractual force majeure clauses, and their interpretation by the courts in a series of different juridictions. 

The seminar looked at supply of goods contracts, as well as commercial contracts more generally. An analysis was given of the position where there is no specific contractual provision, and reliance is instead placed on frustration / hardship or impracticability. What are the conditions of these doctrines and what is the remedy that might be awarded? Distinguished speakers examined the issues with a particular focus on the impact of the current circumstances.


Prof. Duncan Fairgrieve, British Institute of International and Comparative Law


  • Alice Decramer, Avocat, Signature Litigation Paris
  • Nicole Langlois, Barrister, XXIV Old Buildings
  • Tom Sullivan, Partner & Attorney, Shook Hardy Bacon, Philadelphia

Event convened by Professor Duncan Fairgrieve, Senior Research Fellow in Comparative Law & Director, Product Liability Forum.

Resource Pack Content

We do not always make resources available from BIICL events and have decided to do so for this event because of the importance of the topic in the current climate.

The resource pack includes the following materials: 

  • Speaker biographies
  • Presentations from the event
  • Briefing paper on Contractual (non-) performance and coronavirus
  • Recording of the webinar

Please note members of the Product Liability Forum can access these materials on the PLF member area.

Pricing and registration

There is a charge of £15 for this resource pack and you can order it using the link below. You will receive the pack by email shortly after making your purchase.

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