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Reimagining the Law 4 June 2020

1. Give furlough money to a good cause

Is it morally justifiable for City law firms with average partner profits of well over £1m a year to take large amounts of government money in an effort to support those profits in the short term? Many firms have said that they will not furlough staff as they do not believe this is an appropriate use of taxpayers' cash. 
Matthew Rhodes

2. Where's the Guidance?

A recurring feature of today's regulatory landscape is legislative provision for Ministers to issue codes, guidance, and suchlike schemes. They affect many aspects of daily life, yet are often hard to locate. Government should be required to compile a readily accessible online library of such materials, supplementing 
Lord Wallace of Tankerness QC

3.Reimagining lawyers, and the business of law

The skills required in the digital age include critical thinking and problem solving, key to traditional legal training. Emotional intelligence, creativity, innovation, inclusiveness, embracing legal tech - are critical competencies, underserved by current legal education / professional qualification programs. Reward + Monetise these skills = Continued relevance.
Sophie Nappert

4. Simplify the system

Post-Brexit, we will find explaining our legal structure to those abroad, to promote ourselves as a global legal centre, nearly impossible because of its current complexities: three jurisdictions, two legal professions per jurisdiction, each with its own regulator. The whole should be simplified, starting with streamlining professional legal regulation.
Jonathan Goldsmith

5. Rule of Law Challenges

Covid has allowed Governments to assume to themselves super extended executive powers with the consent (currently) of the population. The extent and pace of the rolling back of those powers will be a key Rule of Law issue which must now be addressed to preserve that consent.
James Libson

The rise of populism, now manifest, is a crisis that embeds a remarkable lack of understanding about the importance of the rule of law. This situation requires a structured and innovative public campaign aimed at enhancing critical thinking and understanding as to why the rule of law must be protected.
Dr Mark Ellis

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