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Reimagining the Law 17 June 2020

1. Marginalisation of minority voices

Policing Minister, Kit Malthouse, told the Today programme it was "unfortunate that a proper democratic decision hadn't been reached about what to do with the statue" in Bristol. No. Attributing the statue's continued presence to misfortune ignores the context in which it remained: the systematic marginalisation of minority voices.
Dr Lawrence McNamara

2. Right To Know

Increasingly public services are outsourced. Yet FOI doesn't always permit access to relevant information. Cases like Grenfell and Carillion have highlighted the inadequacy of the present freedom of information regime . Information is the key to greater accountability and better public services. Extending the Right to Know is long overdue.
Lord Wallace of Tankerness QC

3. Legislate for the truth

Directors are liable if they mislead investors (and consequently much time and money is spent verifying statements, auditing accounts, checking prospectuses etc.). Surely equivalent legislation should exist making politicians liable if they mislead the electorate?
Rosemary Martin

4. Single Uniform Code

A single Uniform Code for recognition and enforcement of judgments, and for extradition, should be adopted throughout the world. The Bingham principles as set out in the Williams lecture should set the criteria for compliance with the Code. No comply: no enforce.
Timothy Dutton CBE QC

5. Data-powered Law

The world is becoming increasingly quantified, but the legal industry is behind the curve. Establish mechanisms to generate and apply behavioural insights to inform policy and improve services. For example, aggregated industry data could be used to shift attitudes on Social Mobility and Diversity & Inclusion.
Wim Dejonghe

6. Drugs' Law Reform

Replace the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 with legislation recognising that drug use is not uniquely evil but is able to be regulated like other potentially addictive substances such as tobacco and alcohol and should be a public health not a criminal law matter.
Howard Jacobs

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