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When national law conflicts with international human rights standards

BIICL recently completed a study for the Business Network on addressing conflicts between international human rights standards and national laws.

The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights expect companies to respect international human rights wherever they operate. However, questions often arise as to how businesses should adhere to international human rights standards when faced with contradictory national laws or practices.

BIICL's research brings together the international legal framework, existing guidance for specific issues or sectors, and practical examples of how businesses are managing such conflicts. The report categorises the different types of ways in which these conflicts manifest themselves in practice, sets out a range of approaches that business can take to address these challenges, and provides recommendations for addressing these conflicts through human rights due diligence.

The authors of the report are Lise Smit, Arianne Griffith and Robert McCorquodale.

Download the full report here

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