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Sovereign Wealth Funds and Dispute Resolution

The project Sovereign Wealth Funds and Dispute Resolution focuses on quantitative and qualitative analysis of sovereign wealth funds' approaches to dispute resolution, including the use of international arbitration (commercial and investment treaty), recourse to domestic courts and issues of attribution and enforcement.

At the first stage of the project, the research team will collect data in order to track the historic and current dispute resolution practices of sovereign wealth funds. This will include interviews and a survey that will be circulated to sovereign wealth funds and other stakeholders around the world.

It will be followed by a second stage of evaluating the data and considering current practices and trajectories for sovereign wealth funds' use of dispute resolution mechanisms, taking into consideration case law from national courts and international tribunals, academic literature and other sources.

The project is led by Professor Yarik Kryvoi, Senior Research Fellow in International Economic Law and Director of the Investment Treaty Forum and Hussein Haeri, partner and head Public International Law Group of Withers LLP.

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