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PLF Programme

Forthcoming events

PLF event on Wednesday 30 January 2019 (17.15 - 19.30) on the topic of "Is the Product Liability Directive Fit for Purpose: the Challenges of New Technology"

This event will bring together domestic & international speakers to consider the challenges posed by new technology to the PLD. This was a central issue in the European Commission's recent Fifth Report on the Directive, as raised by the preceding public consultation which illustrated that there were concerns about whether the Directive was adapted to new advances in technology such as products performing automated tasks bases on algorithms, data analytics, Cloud technology, AI, IoT, defective apps and non-embedded technology.

Speakers include:

  • Professor Dr Herbert Zech, University of Basel, a specialist in new technology and product liability issues and a European Commission Expert;
  • Michaela Herron, Bristows;
  • Rod Freeman, Cooley LLP;
  • John Wilkinson, Head of Devices, MHRA TBC.
  • Alex Forrest, Chubb Insurance

Past events

Details of past PLF events over the last few years are listed below: