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Phil Evans


Phil Evans joined BIICL as co-Director of the competition Law Forum in June 2023. He has wide experience in policy, having started at the Economist Intelligence Unit before moving to Consumers' International before spending a decade at what is now Which?. It is in consumer activism that he most fully engaged with the competition community battling in the consumer corner through the Competition Act 1998, Enterprise Act 2002 and numerous group action, merger, European Block Exemption and cartel cases.

After leaving Which? Phil moved into consultancy work with Fipra International, with whom he still works as a Special Adviser, working on a wide range of issues and cases. In 2009 Phil was appointed as a member of the Competition Commission Panel system becoming an Inquiry Chair at the then newly created Competition and Markets Authority, in 2014. In 2019 Phil became a Prospective Class Representative in the FX UK follow on case, exactly 20 years after attempting an early follow on from an OFT cartel case involving Car Dealers.

Phil has published a number of books, chapters and numerous articles and opinion pieces in the fields of competition, consumer, trade and intellectual property law and policy; and bargain shopping. He is an adviser to the American Antitrust Institute, the Loyola University Consumer Antitrust Institute and CUTS India. Phil has chaired sessions, given evidence and spoken at numerous events ranging from the WTO and UN, to the OECD, European Commission and UK Parliamentary Committees. He has been quoted in hundreds of press articles and has done many TV and radio interviews.


Phil Evans

Co-Director of the Competition Law Forum


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