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Michael Olatokun


Michael is a researcher and project manager focused on exploring the connection between rights, citizenship and education. He leads the Centre's strategic area of focus on Citizenship and the Rule of Law. He is the Coordinator of 'The Rule of Law for Citizenship Education', a nationwide programme in which young people are taught about the rule of law and human rights. As a result of the success of this work, Michael was asked to join the Solicitor General's Public Legal Education Committee.

Prior to joining the Bingham Centre Michael worked as a politically organiser encouraging young people and disenfranchised groups to participate in public life. He has led voter registration projects that have successfully registered hundreds of thousands of first-time voters, working with the Cabinet Office and other partners to promote voter engagement in the run-up to the 2016 European Union Referendum. The University of Nottingham gave Michael an 'Alumni Laureate Award' to recognise his democratic engagement work and he was named a (fee-waiving) Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts in 2017.

Outside of his citizenship work, Michael has been a successful non-executive director of three charities. He has also served as an advisor of public education authorities. As the current Deputy Chair of the Teaching Excellence Framework Subject Pilot Panel for Law (Business, Education and Social Care are also considered under the remit of the committee), Michael leads senior law academics in piloting, testing and applying methods for assessing quality in higher education programmes.


Michael Olatokun

Research Leader in Citizenship and the Rule of Law; Head of Public and Youth Engagement

+44 (0)20 7862 5153

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