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Jasmine Elliott


Jasmine Elliott is a Research Fellow in Business and Human Rights and joined BIICL in September 2023. She is currently working on the BIICL project - Identifying and comparing impacts of mHREDD legal models on internal corporate practice.

Jasmine's research interests have mainly considered business ethics and professional ethics as they relate to issues like human rights, corruption, and climate change. She is currently finishing her PhD in Practical Philosophy at the University of Gothenburg. Her dissertation reflects on the role and moral responsibility of professional service providers, with a focus on the corporate legal profession and commercial banks, in advising corporates on and supporting corporates with business transactions. Her research interests have been developed further through her previous roles outside of academia as an anti-corruption compliance officer and a paralegal in an international corporate law firm.

Jasmine holds a MA degree from King's College London in Global Ethics and Human Values and a BA degree from Rice University in English Literature and Political Science with a minor in Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities.


Jasmine Elliott

Research Fellow in Business and Human Rights

+44 (0)20 7862 5151

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