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Dr Guan H. Tang


Dr Guan H. Tang is Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law in Asia at CCLS. She was previously Senior Lecturer in Law at Northumbria University, teaching and supervising in intellectual property (IP) and Internet law; Associate Professor of Law at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, researching, supervising and teaching in the field of Chinese civil and commercial law, including IP, Internet Law, Corporate law and contracts.

Guan's academic journey started in 1998, when she was awarded a governmental scholarship to undertake her Masters at Queen's University Belfast, where she researched information technology and the law with a focus on IPRs in China. She later read law with Professor Hector MacQueen and received her PhD at the University of Edinburgh Law School.

Benefiting from a dual academic experience, Guan appreciates the legislative and cultural diversity. Her research consists of a strong theme of comparative copyright, from which it has broadened to include IP in trade, together with an insight about the rule of law in China from the commercial law perspective and their relevance to the rest of the world.


Dr Guan H. Tang

Honorary Senior Fellow

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