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Ellis Paterson


Ellis Paterson joined the Bingham Centre as a Research Assistant in the Rule of Law in October 2018. She is currently working towards her LL.M. in Public Law at the London School of Economics.

Upon graduating from the University of Glasgow with a Bachelor of Laws in 2015, she moved to Tokyo, where she taught English for two years. She returned to the UK to pursue her academic and research studies and has since been involved with various voluntary organisations committed to access to justice and the provision of legal aid.

Prior to joining BIICL, Ellis partnered with the Public Law Project on the UK Government's 2018 Domestic Abuse Bill Consultation and worked with organisations campaigning for equal rights to strengthen their Consultation responses. In the summer of 2018, she volunteered as a caseworker with Bail for Immigration Detainees, where she communicated regularly with detainees and assisted with their bail hearings. Her primary research interests are in constitutional law, and UK and European human rights law.


Ellis Paterson

Researcher in the Rule of Law

+44 (0)20 7862 5151

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