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Alina Holzhausen


Alina Holzhausen is a Researcher Fellow in Public International Law and Climate Change at BIICL. She is also a PhD student at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, researching climate change litigation and human rights.

Alina graduated from the University of Bayreuth with a German diploma in law and holds a MaƮtrise in International Law (University of Bordeaux) and an LLM in International Law and International Relations (University of Aberdeen). She practised law at the German Parliament before coming to the UK in 2019.

Alina has been teaching tutorials in Constitutional Law in Bayreuth, and tutorials in EU Law, Comparative Law, and Public International Law in Aberdeen. She has also been teaching lectures on Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy for LLM students. Her main research interests include Human Rights Law, Climate Change Law, International Environmental Law and Public International Law.


Alina Holzhausen

Research Fellow in Public International Law and Climate Change

+44 (0)20 7862 5151

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