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Professor Adrian Briggs KC


Professor Adrian Briggs KC joined BIICL as Honorary Senior Fellow in 2021. He is Professor of Private International Law at the University of Oxford. His main interest has always been in private international law, and within that, in questions of civil jurisdiction and the effect of foreign judgments. He spent 15 years as one of the editors of Dicey, Morris and Collins, The Conflict of Laws, but his own perspective on the subject, in its increasingly European guise, was published as Private International Law in English Courts, the first - and, one now supposes, only - edition of which came out in October 2014 and took its place alongside his several other books on private international law, of which Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments is the most established. He also practises from chambers in the Temple.

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Professor Adrian Briggs KC

Honorary Senior Fellow

+44 (0)20 7862 5151

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