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Institute launches Rapid Response Briefings: first event features Pakistan

As part of its 50th Anniversary programme, on 6 December the Institute launched an important new occasional events series at the Institute: Rapid Response Briefings.

The first event was 'The Fight for Justice in Pakistan - and what you can do for Pakistan' with Pakistan experts Shezadi Begg, Barrister, Michelle Bradfield, Research Fellow at the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law and Dr Phillip Tahmindjis, IBA Programme Lawyer. The event was moderated by Jeremy Carver, of Clifford Chance LLP and Transparency International.

The evening began with the background before the State of Emergency: military rule and legal system; followed by facts since the imposition of the State of Emergency; legal issues; future legal issues; and what people can do to assist. Viewpoints differed and discussion after the presentations was lively.

Join us for these informal evening gatherings in the Grotius Library, with the chance to hear invited experts comment on current topics in the news, take part in the debate and enjoy a glass of wine.

For further information on these events visit /events/

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