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Institute hosts experts' workshop on International and Islamic Law

The British Institute of International and Comparative Law is implementing a three-year project on human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the framework of this project, the Institute organized an experts' workshop on International and Islamic Law.

The workshop, which took place on 26 June, gathered eminent experts who provided the Iran team of the Institute with useful insights into the nature of Islamic law, its diversified implementation in Islamic countries and its relationship to International law.

While there is significant experience and activity in the field, it was concluded that there are still areas to be explored. Institutional exchange and collaboration and further research are key elements to raise awareness, disseminate knowledge and enhance understanding amongst international and Islamic lawyers on the ways each legal system operates.

To follow-up, the Institute will host a conference titled "Islam and International Law: Current Issues" in the second half of November. Further details will be available soon.

For more information on the Iran Project, the experts' workshop or the conference to be held in November, please contact Aphrodite Smagadi at

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