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The Second Money Laundering Directive

The Institute has been asked to undertake research on money laundering for the City of London Corporation, following the successful completion of an earlier report for the Corporation on the comparative implementation of the EU Insider Dealing and Market Abuse Directives in five Member States

The report will examine the implementation of the Second Money Laundering Directive in six Member States: the UK, Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland and Lithuania. It will compare and contrast the implementation of legislation and identify, where possible, instances of defective implementation or super-equivalence.

The research team will be led by Jane Welch, Director of the European Financial and Corporate Law Centre at the Institute and author of the Insider Dealing and Market Abuse Report. Lorenza Ragnolini and Javier Munoz del Guayo, Research Assistants at the Institute, will be responsible for the Italian and Spanish sections of the report, while Dr Yannis Avgerinos, a former Institute Fellow in European Financial Law, will compile the section on Greece. The Institute is in the process of recruiting two lawyers to write the chapters on Poland and Lithuania.

The report is due to be delivered to the City Corporation in October 2006.

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