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New book: Justice Framed A Genealogy of Transitional Justice

BIICL Research Fellow in Judicial Independence and Constitutional Transitions Dr Marcos Zunino has this week published a new book:

Justice Framed A Genealogy of Transitional Justice


Why are certain responses to past human rights violations considered instances of transitional justice while others are disregarded? This study interrogates the history of the discourse and practice of the field to answer that question. Read more

Praise for this book:

In Justice Framed, Marcos Zunino tracks the emergence of a 'right' way to transcend massive human rights abuses. This way involves technical legalism, sympathy for capitalism, and the centrality of the state. Transitions that lack these elements become overlooked and forgotten: written off as populist and political. Zunino brilliantly challenges this willful myopia. He renders invisibles visible and enlivens the historical record. Justice Framed is an emancipatory book - a must read - that liberates transitional justice from the straitjacket of dogma and peer pressure.

Mark Drumbl, Director of the Transnational Law Institute, Washington and Lee University, Virginia

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