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BIICL's 2018 FA Mann Lecture Published in The Times Today

The 41st FA Mann lecture delivered by Conservative MP the Right Honourable Dominic Grieve on 22 November has today been published in an abbreviated form in The Times newspaper.

In the Times Article Mr Grieve observed that far from 'taking back control' and restoring sovereignty the proposed Brexit deal instead introduces an even more complex web of controls. He has suggested we need a "willingness to accept that this project might be proving to be mistaken".

The full text of the Lecture delivered by Mr Grieve at the BIICL event can be found here.

The Lecture is given annually in honour of Francis Mann, who was instrumental in the development of the law by the legislature, the courts, and legal scholarship, and a sought-after advisor to governments. Scholars at the Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin have recently analysed the correspondence of Mann, consisting of some 12,500 letters exchanged with great scholars and politicians, and produced a fascinating and insightful compilation of these letters, tracing his influence on international law. This paper is being published as part of the 60th Anniversary celebrations, and can be downloaded here.

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