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Latest report from the Bingham Centre: The Rule of Law in Parliament A Review of 2015-16.

The Bingham Centre announces the launch of its latest report The Rule of Law in Parliament: A Review of 2015-16.

The rule of law lies at the heart of the UK's system of government. It has been recognised in Parliament as a 'fundamental British value' - a value which must be protected just as carefully and resolutely as the other values which form the basis of our society, such as democracy, individual liberty and respect for diversity. The UK is also recognised internationally for its commitment to the rule of law, and the benefits that it has brought.

The briefing The Rule of Law in Parliament in 2015 - 2016 outlines key findings from a Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law study of how MPs and Peers engaged with the rule of law in the 2015-16 parliamentary session. The report in full can be read here

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