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New Publication "The Role of Legal Advisers in International Law"

BIICL is proud to announce the publication of 'The Role of Legal Advisers in International Law' edited by Andraz Zidar (University of Bologna) and BIICL Research Fellow Jean-Pierre Gauci.

The volume is the second of a series of books being published to commemorate 100 years since the setting up of the Grotius Society in 1915. Published by BRILL, the volume sheds light on the position, activities and influence of legal advisers in the domain of international law. This is a novel and edifying perspective in that it surveys and appraises important undertakings of legal advisers in domestic and international legal forums and their role in the development, interpretation and application of international law.

Building upon their extensive knowledge and experience, contributors to the book analyse themes such as influence of various legal traditions (including the British) on the work of legal advisers, their position in the diplomatic decision-making process, the role of ethics in providing legal advice, and their contributions - in various forms - to the development and strengthening of the international legal system.

The book may be purchased via the BRILL website. BIICL Members are eligible to a 40% discount on the purchase of this volume.

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